MIND THE MAKER • Stalks Viscose Twill Fabric • Indigo • Bolt End 15% OFF

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Bolt end, 85cm piece.

Mind the Maker's Stalks design in Indigo has a lovely hand drawn quality to it. This burnt orange printed modern floral is printed on an indigo blue background. The fabric is a high quality viscose twill, soft to the touch and with a lovely drape to it. It's perfect for tops, blouses, dresses, and skirts.

Mind The MAKER are based in Denmark and design with the maker in mind. All of their fabrics are Oeko Tex Certified and some are organic.

Our Scanfil Organic Cotton Thread in Dark Navy is a good match for this colourway, available in both 100M or 275M spools.

100% Viscose Twill • 145cm wide • 165gms

We recommend that you pre-wash your fabric on a 30 degree wash cycle before you start your project to allow for any slight movement with the first wash.

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