NANI IRO • Mountain Views Double Gauze Fabric • Blue

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Mountain Views makes a return this year. Re-coloured by Nani Iro as part of the 2019 Collection this vibrant, yet tonal colourway of blues and greens on a mid blue has a very contemporary feel to it.

"The mountain view is expressed by carefully hand-painted watercolor lines. Whichever part you cut has a great charm that can be used for anything. Its somewhat sacred, strong impression also goes well with men’s items or beautiful interiors." Naomi Ito

In 100% cotton, this tactile double gauze fabric is made from two layers of fine fabric held together at intervals, by a grid of stitches so tiny that they're almost invisible, has a beautifully soft and lightweight feel to it.

100% Cotton Double Gauze • 106cm wide       

Price is per HALF metre. So, if you require 1.5 metres for example, you’ll need to enter 3 in the quantity box.    

We recommend that you machine wash this fabric at 30 degrees before you start your sewing project. 

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