NANI IRO • New Morning II Double Gauze Fabric • Beige • Bolt End 15% OFF

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Bolt end, 75cm piece.

This beautiful floral design called New Morning is printed in subtle tones of cream and accents of greyed off purple on a soft warm beige background, creating a beautifully subtle design.  

"The flowers bloom one after another, and the feeling when I remember the impression is

as refreshing as a new morning. I want to pick flowers with a clear heart,
like the appearance of blooming flowers with love, and receive and draw them"

Naomi Ito


In 100% cotton, this tactile double gauze fabric, made from two layers of fine fabric held together at intervals, with a grid of stitches so tiny that they're almost invisible, has a beautifully soft and lightweight feel to it.

Our organic cotton thread in Beige is a good match for this colourway and is available in both 100M and 275M spools.

100% Cotton Double Gauze • 106cm wide       

We recommend that you machine wash this fabric at 30 degrees before you start your sewing project.  

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