MODERN QUILTING • A Contemporary Guide to Quilting by Hand


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Discover the versatility, comfort and style that a beautifully designed quilt can bring to your home with Modern Quilting, by Julius Arthur, an accessible approach to contemporary textiles. From a large-scale heirloom quilt to a cross-body pouch, each project is minimal in design but with thoughtful details.

Combining a traditional craft with a contemporary application of shape and colour, Modern Quilting teaches you how to master the basic quilting stitches and techniques and experiment with textiles to create meaningful and long-lasting items for your living spaces, places and daily rituals. The book includes simple projects for first-time crafters, as well as more advanced techniques, so learning skills can be personalised and adapted to the maker.

Interspersed with memories from author Julius Arthur’s childhood and inspired by items he loves to make in the studio, this book demonstrates the power of a quilt to rediscover memories, bring people together and provide a sense of home and belonging. Stunning photography accompanies clear instructions and helpful diagrams to help you discover a new skill and create beautiful quilts that will stand the test of time.

Number of pages ∙ 192 (Paperback)

Dimensions ∙ 253 x 201 x 21 mm

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