QUILTING BY HAND • Hand-crafted, Modern Quilts & Accessories for You & Your Home

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Learn how to create stunning, heirloom-quality quilts for your home with the 23 designs in Quilting by Hand by Riane Elise.

The quilting projects in this book are diverse, versatile and fit for a bed, a couch, or for a new baby to grow into.

Riane starts with the basics: instructions will include tutorials for both hand piecing and machine piecing, as well as other beginner-friendly handwork techniques.

With thoughtful details that are interesting but minimal, designs will provide a mix of quilt complexity; some quilts can be completed in a weekend, and others may take weeks or months.

Riane Elise brings quilting to the forefront with her natural and modern approach, focussing on craftsmanship, tradition, contemporary design, slow stitching, and making with intention.

Number of pages ∙ 192 (Hardback)

Dimensions ∙ 253 x 201 x 21 mm

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