NANI IRO • Margo Organic Cotton Double Gauze Fabric • Lt Blue

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Margo by Nani Iro is a new botanical floral design for 2024. Designed by Naomi Ito, this beautiful painterly artwork takes inspiration from the lifecycle of citrus flowers and fruits and the rich landscape that surrounds them.

"This is a piece that reminds me of the days when we are surrounded by treasures and connected.
*Margot is also used in Latin to mean "edge" and in French to mean "pearl."
It is also a nickname for a girl named Margaret, and also means "magician of color" in Italian." - Naomi Ito

This subtle colourway is printed in greyed off blues, white and soft cobalt blue tones with pops of metallic silver on a painterly blue background.

In 100% organic cotton, this tactile double gauze fabric, made from two layers of fine fabric held together at intervals, with a grid of stitches so tiny that they're almost invisible, has a beautifully soft and lightweight feel to it.

Suitable for sewing tops, blouses, skirts and dresses.

Our Scanfil 100% Organic Cotton Thread in White, available in spools of 100M and 275M works well with this fabric.

100% Organic Cotton Double Gauze • 106cm wide ∙ 140gms/m

Price is per HALF metre. So, if you require 1.5 metres for example, you’ll need to enter 3 in the quantity box.   

We recommend that you machine wash this fabric at 30 degrees before you start your sewing project.  

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