New in : Heather Lins Stitch Calendars

Posted on October 01, 2015

We loved these beautiful stitch calendar kits by Heather Lins the moment we saw them and simply had to have them for our launch collection last year! Judging from the reaction we got to them then, you loved them too, so we couldn't not re-order them for this year!

Heather Lins Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit 2016

Firstly we have "Stitch the Stars" each month is screen printed using "glow in the dark" ink with the corresponding constellation from the zodiac, so January is Capricorn for example. The embroidery thread glows too!

Heather Lins Year in Stitches Calendar Kit 2016

The "Year in Stitches" is a modern take on the cross stitch sampler, the letters of each month are artistically arranged for you to cross stitch, as you can see above!

Both kits are really easy to do, no sewing skills are necessary making them the perfect gift for both experienced "sewists" and those new to sewing.

Whichever kit you decide on we hope you enjoy stitching your way into 2016!!


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