Pattern Inspiration for Nani Iro & mind the MAKER® Quilted Fabrics

Posted on November 12, 2022

I'm delighted to have recently added a small selection of Nani Iro Quilted Fabrics from the 2022 Collection. Specially commissioned a few months ago, you won't find these beautiful fabrics anywhere else. Stocks are really limited, so if there's one in particular that you've got your eye on, you know the drill...

Nani Iro Quilted Fabrics

Pre-quilted, they're perfect for all sorts of sewing projects, the most obvious being cosy jackets and coats. The Hovea by Megan Nielsen has three options that call for quilted fabrics including the jacket version shown below.

Megan Nielsen Hovea Jacket & Coat Sewing Pattern

The Lab Coat, by The Assembly Line, is an unlined style that would look equally good made in a quilted fabric.

Unlined, this coat which is mid-length features a hidden button front, a clean round neck and large patch pockets for added functionality. 

The Assembly Line Lab Coat Sewing Pattern

Whether it's a Quilted Nani iro fabric or the Thelma Thermal Quilted Fabrics by mind the MAKER®it really would make for a beautiful statement piece.

Mind the Maker Thelma Thermal Quilted Fabrics

 A cape is another outerwear piece that lends itself to these beautiful quilted fabrics. Issue 1 of TAUKO Magazine features a style called Hug... designed for you to quilt your own fabrics, however you can easily use the Nani Iro Quilted fabrics for this style. I'm going to be making one of these for my mother-in-law for Christmas, not to mention one for me!

Tauko Magazine Issue 1 Hug Sewing Pattern

As well as garments, these quilted fabrics would work really well for accessories. Bags, for example, would work well in both the Nani Iro and mind the MAKER® Thelma Quilted Fabrics... the Jack Tar Bucket Bag by Merchant & Mills, pictured below, I can see looking fantastic in the Thelma Quilted Fabrics and Grainline Studio's Stowe Bag would look equally good in one of the Nani Iro Quilted Fabrics.

Merchant and Mills jack Tar Bucket Bag Sewing Pattern

Wash bags are another accessory that lend themselves to these fabrics, they make great gift items and you can find lots of free tuturials for varying shapes and sizes online.

Cushions too would look lovely made in the Nani Iro Quilted Fabrics and for outdoor cushions the Thelma Thermal Quilted Collection would work really well.

I hope this post has inspired you to try your hand at sewing with these beautiful quilted fabrics... happy sewing!



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