NANI IRO • Seventone Quilted Cotton Double Gauze Fabric • Light Grey

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Quilted version of Nani Iro's Seventone, a new abstract artwork for 2023. This beautiful painterly design has a lovely energy and movement to it. Artist Naomi Ito used bamboo brushes to  depcit swaying grasses:

"Trying to draw the grass swaying I tried drawing it with a bamboo brush and rough handwriting I thought it looked like a staff notation, yeah, let's add a slur, it's like it's blowing in the wind. Add a staccato When I drew it, it was like the rattling sound of leaves hitting each other. When I added dots like musical notes, it was like fruit or small buds swaying on the tip." - Naomi Ito

In 100% cotton, this tactile double gauze fabric, made from two layers of fine fabric held together at intervals, with a grid of stitches so tiny that they're almost invisible, has a beautifully soft and lightweight feel to it.

In a couple of the photos the fabric looks like it has a sheen to it which it doesn't.

This lovely fabric has then been quilted in strips 25mm wide with a cotton ecru backing. Perfect for sewing jackets such as the one featured in Issue 7 of TAUKO Magazine (see last image) which was made in a previous season's quilted Nani Iro, the Hovea and the ZW Bell Jacket, coats including the Nova and Lab Coat.

100% Cotton Double Gauze • 106cm wide ∙ 270gms/m

Price is per HALF metre. So, if you require 1.5 metres for example, you’ll need to enter 3 in the quantity box.   

We recommend that you machine wash this fabric at 30 degrees before you start your sewing project.  

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