KYLIE & the MACHINE • Me Made Woven Labels

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Me Made... what an amazing thing, to make something from fabric and thread. This is the label of pride from Kylie and the Machine. Me made, for me, as a reminder that I didn’t pay an inflated price for a garment made in a sweat shop. Me made, a reminder of learning new techniques and styles, proudly sewing on this label as a badge of achievement. Me made, because I deserve to spend my time sewing if I wish. Endless reasons why we make, one label fitting for all of them.

Each pack contains 10 KATM woven labels.

Specific details about this label:

Dimensions • 1cm x 4.5cm 

Colour • Black and White 


These are Super High-Quality woven labels, they are classified as HD which is similar to a thread count in sheets, finer and more threads which give the crispest designs. They are Oeko-Tex certified, washable, durable and non-scratchy!

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