MAISON FAUVE • Granite Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern


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The Granite Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern by Maison Fauve is the piece that will make you love sportswear: a slightly wide shape for comfort, an elongated shoulder line to fall on the arm and soften the shape and above all the pretty detail that will make you fall in love with it: the spectacular sleeves whose volume will bring the couture touch to the most casual piece of your wardrobe.

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 34 to 56. The seam allowances are included and are 1cm.

Skill level ∙ Suitable for beginners.

Suggested fabrics ∙ Jersey, knit, sweat-shirting... the neckline and cuffs are designed to be made of ribbed fabric with a high degree of elasticity.

Fabric requirements (140cm - 150cm fabric width) ∙ sizes 34 to 46 1.5 m / sizes 48 to 56 2 m 

Trims needed ∙ matching thread / ribbed fabric X 60 cm

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