What's in a name?

Posted on March 13, 2015

With Mother's Day this weekend, it's that time of year, at least here in the UK, when we think of our mums. This is particularly poignant for me this year, as my mum was very much in my thoughts when we were deciding on the name for our company The Draper's Daughter

Learning to sew with my mum is one of my happiest memories; she was a huge inspiration to me, and it's something that I'm now really enjoying teaching my own daughter.

The Drapers Daughter

We spent ages researching and choosing a name for the business. I really wanted the name to have a link with my mum and my daughter. I had thought it would be really exciting coming up with a name, however I soon realised the enormity of the task in hand! Like our product I wanted it to be different, and to stand out from the crowd. It also had to resonate with our customers, as well being a name that we were proud of.

After a lot (and by that I mean weeks!!) of deliberating we finally landed on The Draper's Daughter. Of course we then only needed to use the name for a couple of days before we couldn't imagine it being called anything else!

So there you are; looks like my Mum continues to inspire me even today!


Wishing all mums a very Happy Mother's Day this weekend,








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