Friday Pattern Company ∙ The Wilder Top Sewing Pattern Review

Posted on January 15, 2022

The top version of the Wilder Gown was the first style that I made by Friday Pattern Company. I've seen so many gorgeous versions of this style over on Instagram that I simply had to make one for myself.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Gown & Top Sewing PatternI decided on the top for my first make of this lovely style and chose to use a Nani Iro tencel fabric with this lovely painterly border detail.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Top & Gown Sewing Pattern ReviewIt might not look like it but this style really is very easy to make. The instructions are really clear and very easy to follow, with helpful step by step illustrations.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Top & Dress Sewing Pattern ReviewThe raglan sleeves don't need to be set in so are very simple, and the channel for the bow comes together really nicely.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Gown & Top Sewing PatternI didn't make any modifications to my top and in terms of sizing I'm a UK size 8 and I made the XS size which fits me perfectly.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Dress & Top Sewing Pattern Review

This style works really well in plain fabrics but would work equally well in a pattern, florals in both small and large scale, stripes, ginghams and spots all look great.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Top Sewing Pattern ReviewI'll definitely be making this again, I'd like to make a long sleeved version of the top, for this I'm thinking the Eglantine et Zoe Zebra print in Khaki. I'll also be making a short sleeve dress for summer, it looks great in plain linen I'm going to use one of the Merchant and Mills Laundered Linens, most likely the Scuttle Black however other colours would look equally good.

Friday Pattern Company Wilder Top & Dress Sewing Pattern ReviewMost of all, what I really love about the top is that it really does elevate an outfit and I always feel really good when I wear it, and as I mentioned just now I'll definitely be making more...

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